Komodo Trip

8 days (7nights) - Bali/Lombok/Moyo/Sangeang/Komodo

$1400 (low season)/$1800 (high season)

Welcome to our Komodo Trip, this is the most requested of our Scheduled trips. You will be cruising through all the islands from Bali to Komodo, and there are literally 1000's to see. Komodo National Park is a world famous Dive destination teaming with fish life but to get there we will sail past islands with waterfalls, volcanic lakes and more within walking distance from the beach. You can snorkel with Manta, Dive with Sharks, explore the unbelievable beaches with your Stand Up Paddle, or simply sit back with a good book and a bean bag on our decks.

Manta Ray cruising at 5m depth in Komodo Park

In actual fact we can sail from Bali to Komodo in less than 3 days and even quicker on the return trip with favouring currents, but that would not leave any time to stop, snorkel, dive and explore this very unique part of the world. Most of the passages between Islands are done in the evening. Keeping the days free for adventure or relaxation. This is our 8 day schedule for our public Scheduled Trips whilst Private Charter clients may modify as they choose.

Day 1 - Nusa Lembongan

10:00am Guests received onto the boat, orientation and safety brief

11:00am Depart for Nusa Lembongan

3:00pm Arrive Nusa Lembongan. A nearby island to Bali, this is our first stop and it is an under explored gem. You will be able to have your first dive here……if snorkelling you will see Manta cruising past the Eastern edge, feeding in the currents on the sandy bottom at only 5m.

8:00pm Dinner and depart for Gili Air

Day 2 - Gili Air

7:00am Arrive in Gili Air Harbour. This little island, part of the Gili Island trio is well populated and well visited, for a very good reason. It's stunning beach, perfect for snorkelling on an effortless warm current, taking you directly to a chilled out beach bar. Perfect…. A morning dive or two is very recommended here, but so is stand up paddle, with two perfect little waves to have fun on also. Any final supplies, such as some extra Red Wine is possible.

6:00pm Depart for Moyo

Day 3 - Moyo

10:00am Arrive Moyo Island. Home of butterflies and waterfalls, one of which we will visit….made famous for it's regular visits from Lady Di in the 90's. It is still a very remote island and only the few get to visit here

Anchorage at Moyo. Fantastic wall diving is possible here….you may want to go more than once! If you are snorkeling or spearfishing, you will not be disappointed!

Day 4- Satonda

8:00 Depart for Satonda.

11:00am Arrive Satando. A spiritual island with a prayer lake in the middle less than 200m from the beach.

4:00pm Passage to Sangeang

SUP straight of the boat in Moyo

Day 5 - Sangeang

8:00am Arrive Sangeang Missionary. Sangeang is a Pyramid shaped volcanic island, with virtually no inhabitants. Probably with good reason……you will be diving above volcanic bubbles, quite a unique and beautiful experience

12:00pm Passage to Banta

4:00pm Arrive Banta. Dive the roller coaster or snorkel the reef. We anchor here overnight.

Day 6- Banta

5:30am Possible climb of Banta Mountain (more of a hill), you will see stunning sunrise views over Komodo National Park

9:00am Morning passage to Tatawa Island. Diving around Tatawa and Crystal Rock . Drops to 30 meters , nice coral caves. Lots of fish - black snappers, butterflyfish, large cuttlefish , sharks, turtles and large reef rays. This is the outer edge of the National Park

1:00pm Depart Castle Rock the short passage via the partnering Bousis Islands headed to Gili Makasar, breading ground for Manta.

We will anchor at Gili Makasar overnight, surrounded by Manta.

Day 7 - Komodo National Park

8:00am Morning passage to Komodo.

10:00am Arrive in Komodo anchorage and start our 2 hours " Dragon Walk " to see the famous Komodo Lizard.

1:00pm Diving the Pantai Merah - Pink beach. Gorgonian fans and sponges, thousands of fish of every colour. Afternoon diving around Batubolong and Takat Makassar. Overnight on boat.

From its vantage point near the middle of the Indonesian island chain, Komodo National Park, exclusive habitat of earth's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, is also home to the world's smallest seahorse, Hippocampus bargibanti. Life thrives within a seemingly endless variety of habitats: isolated offshore islands, fringing reefs, sheltered bays, weather-beaten rocky coast, mangrove swamps, seagrass beds, extensive shallows, and precipitous drop-offs.

Komodo Dragons at rest in the Komodo National Park

Day 8 - Labuan Bajo

8:00am Depart Komodo Park via Paulo Sulawasi. One last snorkel here, a beautiful and totally unique island. Where a sea faring Bougis race has settled many centuries ago.

10:00am Depart Paulo Sulawasi

2:00pm Arrive in Labuan Bajo and passengers depart

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