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How do I get to where the boat leaves from?

Our cruises leave from Serangan in Bali, NOW ONLY % MINUTES from the airport in Bali, or if you are taking a return leg on a Komodo trip then from Labuan Bajo, on the western end of the island of Flores. If you require a pickup from your hotel, please contact our office and we can organise this also. We will also book flights for you. To get too or from Labuan Bajo (Komodo Trip) most passengers fly. There are two or three airlines that service this route, and there are daily flights in both directions. Prices vary according to airline and how long before departure you pay for your ticket. If you are adventurous and have lots of time, you can buy a combination of ferry and bus travel back to Lombok and on to Bali. These tickets are sold by the travel agencies in Labuan Bajo. They can take up to three days of non-stop travel (or you can decide to break your journey along the way) and are quite inexpensive. Whichever you decide to take with us, we give you full instructions on where, when and how to join the boat before your cruise begins.

What do I need to bring on the boat with me?

Just the usual things you travel with. We provide bedding and towels. There are little shops in the Gili Islands and at Labuan Haji in Moyo. Labuan Bajo in Flores is a small town and has many shops. However in all these places, you cannot expect to find western products, medicines, etc. For example, women should not expect to find tampons at any of the places we stop. Likewise, special batteries for digital cameras are not easy to find. Items such as this are only available at shops, pharmacies or supermarkets in Bali which cater to tourists.

Do I need to take malaria medication for any of the cruises?

Malaria is not endemic currently in any of the places we call at and we ourselves do not take malaria medication. However there is a slight risk of catching malaria no matter where you travel in Indonesia. You must make up your own mind.

I have a medical condition. Will emergency help be available if I need it?

Indonesia does not have a well-developed medical-evacuation infrastructure, and provincial hospitals on the islands we visit do not have sophisticated facilities. Helicopter or air-ambulance evacuation is based in Bali and is expensive, if and when it is available at all. On some of our routes, the nearest medical help of any kind can be three days away. If you are currently taking medication, make sure you have enough for the time you are in Indonesia. Note that the pharmacies in most country towns such as Labuan Bajo, etc have a very limited range or medicines. Indeed, your medicine may not be available in Indonesia at all. If you have a medical condition you should take advice before deciding to take any cruise in Indonesia and ensure you have adequate medical insurance, including coverage for air evacuation. Bulan Purnama is not responsible for injury or illness suffered by guests while on the boat but will do it's utmost to assist in any emergency.

Is there power supply on the boats to charge cameras, cellphones or laptops?

Yes, but you charge your equipment at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to electrical equipment caused while you are on the boat, including damage caused by sea or rain water. That being said, we use quality inverters and stabilizers to reduce the risk of damage to your equipment.

What are the sea conditions and weather like in Indonesia?

There are two basic seasons: the East season when the wind blows predominantly from the East (roughly June to October), and the West when it comes from the opposite direction. Generally speaking the sea conditions are calm. Because the sea is enclosed by islands, there are seldom big waves. Sometimes if the wind is blowing hard, the sea can be choppy.

Will I get sea sick?

Some people feel a little uncomfortable the first day or so, but taking motion sickness (Antimo) tablets which we always have onboard, and which are commonly available throughout the islands, will quickly help you feel better.

How are the boats powered?

Bulan Purnama uses a Yanmar marine diesel engine, new in 2011.  Unlike most boats in this region that have fitted second hand mitsubishi truck engines as a matter of course. It is not practical to use the sails only since these boats are not designed for speed. In the old days before engines, it was accepted that a relatively short voyage might take several weeks. Nowadays, people want to get to their destinations quickly and in addition, in areas where there are many reefs, shols and islands, it is just not safe to rely on sails only. Usually, weather and sea conditions permitting, we will put the sails up to give you a taste of old-style sailing and give you the opportunity to take photographs but the engines will provide us with the main power.

What is included in the basic price?

Three hearty meals a day, snacks, fruit, plus continuous water, tea, coffee and softdrinks are included in the basic price. Scheduled trips and Private charter also include one Dive per person per day and unlimited use of SUP

What is not included?

Beer and alcohol is not included. We are happy to make airline reservations for you provided you pay for the flights in advance. Bali to Komodo is approximately $150 person. The Komodo Marine National Park charges all visitors who enter the environs of the park. This fee is also not included in the basic price, it's around $20 and an extra $20 for a personal guide

What is the cost of diving?

Because our trips offer diving as an addition rather than as the primary focus of the voyage, one dive per day only is included free, any additional dives will be charged at standard rates.

Do you have dive equipment for all sizes on the boat?

No, so you will need to let us know in advance your sizing details in case we do not have it already on the boat. If you are a travelling Sumo wresting team, you can assume we do not have enough correct sizes on the boat. But we can get them in.

What is your payment/refund policy?

To confirm your booking, we require you to pay a 50% deposit at the time you book. The balance must be paid prior to getting on the boat. For further details please see our Rates and Terms on this website.

Please note that itineraries may change, or be curtailed without notice due to sea conditions, acts of God, natural disasters, strikes, changes in Indonesian government regulations, civil disorder, failures or negligence on the part of third parties, or other causes beyond our control. Bulan Purnama is not bound to refund any monies in these circumstances but will always do its best to consider each case according to its merits.