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Bulan Purnama offers our guests the chance for a once in a lifetime diving experience. Launching from the deck of the Bulan Purnama or directly from our support dingy, you will experience an incredible underwater world in complete safety with modern well maintained equipment. You may even complete courses, however we would like to point out that we primarily offer cruising adventures rather than just dedicated diving experiences. For us, diving is something we offer in addition to SUP, snorkelling, spearing and other adventures on the many islands we visit.

The cost of our scheduled trips and private charters includes 1 dive per day and includes a dive guide, tanks, BCD and weight belts. The following additional costs apply for additional dives only. Please ask us for more information when you make your enquiry.

FUN DIVE IDR 350.000 


We offer full scale PADI dive courses. We can teach in English, Dutch and Indonesia. The courses we offer.


A one day course, which includes the very basics of diving theory, one session in the shallow waters and one dive to 12m in the open water.


A three/four day course, which includes theory, videos, two shallow water sessions, and four dives (two to 12m and two to 18m). At the end of the course you will be certified to dive to 18m with a buddy who has an open water license or higher.


This two day, five dive courses, is really practical and a lot of fun. Not much reading and a lot of diving, putting your skill to the test in the water. To complete the Advanced Course you must do the DEEP Dive and the NAVIGATION dive. You can then choose from other dives like night diving, underwater photography, multi-level computer diving, peak performance buoyancy, naturalist and fish identification, to make up the other three dives.


This four day course is designed to give you necessary knowledge and skills to prevent and/or deal with any problems or emergencies relating to diving. Dealing with stressful situations to help save lives, the Rescue Diver Course is extremely rewarding and will ensure you feel more comfortable and in control when diving.

Price list;

  1. DSD:
    a try out takes 1 day first some basic theory, then a try out in  confined water then a shallow dive. Price IDR 550.000,-
  2. Open Water: (max. depth 18m)
    First course, world wide, for life, you can dive by yourself with a buddy 3 or 4 days.
    v 5 confined session and 4 open water dives
    Theory: read 5 chapters related to the dive, no exam
    Price IDR 3.200.000, - including the book
  3. Advanced: (max depth 30m)
    To become a better diver, learn more about diving and skills takes 2 or 3 days
    5 dives: 2 compulsory (navigation and deep dive), 3 of own choice (eg. night dive, drift dive, photography etc.)
    Theory: read the 5 chapters related to the dive, no exam
    Price IDR 2.500.000, - including the book
  4. Rescue + EFR:
    To be able to rescue in case of an emergency takes 3 or 4 days to do EFR course
    Theory: read the rescue book
    Price IDR 4.200.000, - including the book